Monday, May 5, 2008

Colorado in Review

Two posts in April, that's the least ever. But I'll try and compensate. Mi esposa's solo show vernisages next Saturday, so I'll plug that shortly, but first a few more shots from my Colorado expedition: Above is a metal Disney-themed picnic table covered in snow - I probably hadn't touched snow in 5 years, so it was pretty exciting. The rest are from Casa Bonita - the Menudo air freshener or whatever it is from a bleak little fake market stall that hasn't been dusted since the 80s; a television monitor above the waiting shute asks and answers the question on everyone's mind; the view from behind the cliff-divers' waterfall. More soon!

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COOP said...

Growing up in Tulsa, OK, dinner at Casa Bonita was a big treat, maybe not Disneyland, but pretty darn close.