Thursday, August 16, 2018

1st of 3 New FLASH FUDD Artworks...

Announcing the first of three new major interconnected FLASH FUDD art pieces debuting in separate LA group shows over the next two months:

Dark Fudd Oracle 2018, 52" diameter, 12" deep; found sculptural signage, rubberized aerosol automotive undercoating, malfunctioning flatscreen TV, acetate inkjet print, soundtrack.

is included in
Dialectic of Being & Becoming: Realization of Fullness
Curated by Khang Bao Nguyen
Highways Performance Space @ 18th St. Arts Center, 1651 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404
OPENING RECEPTION: August 18, Saturday, 5:30 - 8:00 pm

This exhibition and performance event investigate two perspectives on the realization of fullness: 1) maintaining a temporal self in order to Become consummate in the future, and 2) deconstructing the perceived self so as to realize the fullness of Being in the primordial now.

SHOW RUN: August 10 - October 21, 2018

Regular Hours:
Mon-Thurs, 2 - 7 pm;
Fri, 2 - 8:30 pm;
Sat, 6 - 8:30 pm

*PLEASE NOTE: This work will probably be permanently dismantled after this showing, so if you're interested in experiencing it, please try to make it out!