Monday, August 24, 2020

Archive: Return to Your Cells, 2018

Join the Mitochondrial Revolution! Unleash the Power of the Mysterious Krebs Cycle!

Return to Your Cells, ink on sketchbook page, 2018, 11 X 9 ins

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Monday, August 17, 2020

Archive: Watchwork Ectoplasms, 1998

Enamel on paper with watchworks. I think there were about a dozen of these, give or take. I found a box of old dead watches on the street. Not really old, and not all dead. But old enough to have moving metal parts. Each ectoplasm contained all the bits from a single watch that I could take apart with a tiny screwdriver and exacto knife.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Soviet Algorithms Gone Wild!

I've been locked out of Facebook for 24 hours because I've offended the algorithm again (the first time was when I posted a topless image of Sacheen Littlefeather)!

The craziest thing is that the link was to this video of the Legendary Stardust Cowboy (out of Lubbock, of Paralyzed fame) singing quite innocuously - if idiosyncratically - about Pahrump, NV!

...which was posted as an oblique rebuke to Kid Rock, who misspelled the city's name in his official Cowboy video from 1999, as seen below:

How is this Bullying or Harassment, I ask you! What are they trying to hide?! Why do they hate the Ledge?! America is waiting...
Oh yes, now this:

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Archive: "Radial" 1986

Found postcard, plastic bag, plastic tape, sketchbook page, 9 X 5 ins

FB exchange: 

Will Amato: What was that when you made it? A formal exercise? Were there “ideas” of some sort accompanying it? I’m just curious. I was talking about your work - these early pieces of yours - to a friend of mine the other day and didn’t know how to explain them exactly other than they were “notions” you were putting down - like quick thoughts captured on the page.

DH: Long time ago - but yeah, spontaneously diaristic as ever. I knew that the tape would yellow, and the plastic was a sort of sad "archival" gesture, like it was a piece of forensic evidence I was obliged to attempt to preserve. I thought it was funny that some one would print postcards with a solitary car wheel- which appealed to my taste for Pop - but I was immersed in Jung in those days, and would have simultaneously seen it as a mandala archetype. Oh and yes, a formal exercise! Sorry you asked?

WA: Not at all. “Strangely enough” - if you know what I mean - I just posted a link about Jung and active imagination just before I read this.

DH: Mere coincidence! Keep your black tide of occultism in the high desert where it belongs!