Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Faüxmish LP Cover Collages in Progress

And there's 94 more where they come from!

Faüxmish LP Release Party and Debut Public Performance!

Friday, September 2 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm

Human Resources
410 Cottage Home St in Chinatown, 90012
Los Angeles, CA

Please join Faüxmish to celebrate the release of their debut LP & CD ‘F for Ache’ and to witness the band's debut public performance. This will also be the ONLY OPPORTUNITY to view the entire run of the limited edition of 100 collaborative collage LP covers created by the band members! The LPs, limited CD version, and other merchandise will be available for purchase.

$5 donation at the door

Faüxmish is an experimental power trio featuring Marnie Weber, Dani Tull, & Doug Harvey.

Faüxmish is a Los Angeles art-rock supergroup that came together over a shared engagement with American spiritual sects who remove themselves from established social norms and create their own culture as outsiders.

Taking as their motto “Simplicity Through Noise,” Faüxmish have developed a practice rooted in improvisational ensemble playing using electric guitars (played with rubber mallets and other extended as well as traditional techniques) and vintage synthesizers, in various combinations of three.

Initially conceived as a ‘wall of sound,’ the group’s music rapidly developed a complex and idiosyncratic audio vocabulary drawing on the members’ widely divergent individual musical backgrounds, which range from noise to prog, post-punk to film scores, and 90s alt-rock to improvisational audio collage. The results range from dreamy ambient soundscapes to theatrical rock songs.

Redacted Records is proud to announce ‘F for Ache’ -- the debut release by Faüxmish. The album is being released in two different limited edition configurations
– a 12” vinyl LP in a numbered edition of 100, with a hand-silkscreened cover and a unique collaborative collage on each back cover, created by the three band members. The LP also contains one track unavailable on the CD version.
– a limited CD edition of 500, with covers individually personalized by the band members, and featuring a wealth of integrated bonus tracks.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

They Should've Tackled Jacob Two-two

Now there's a songfest waiting to happen! I actually met Jerry Lieber once, at what was perhaps the nadir of his career -- the 1983 premiere of his and Stoller's musical adaptation of Mordecai Richler's 'The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz' at the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton. I was a mere usher, and drunk to boot -- but I had been a little obsessed with these guys' songcraft, and had been mixing their stuff in with John Cage and Suicide on my Saturday night radio show at CJSR. I told them, and they were gracious, but plainly very anxious with the production at hand -- which in fact turned out to be disastrous, and one of the most legendary fiascos in Canadian theatre history. I think it was even called 'Duddy!'

Above Mordecai Richler

Chain Slaw Skip Diving

Whew! Just finished marathon three-day deinstall of Chain Letter. Many stories and interesting photos to come, possibly in print-on-demand book form. My favorite moment came on on the second day. The scruffy but amiable gent pictured here is noted LA performance artist Skip Arnold, whose contribution -- after standing in line for a couple of hours -- was to remove and leave his Austrian cowboy boots. He arrived in his socks to retrieve them, but they had been in the F1 space, which had been deinstalled the day before -- like many, Skip hadn't got the email with the revised deinstallation times.

We searched through the stuff Christian and I had rescued, and looked through the scraps left in F1 to no avail. Skip wasn't too distraught, but wanted to check the dumpster. We thought the dumpster had been emptied, but in fact the art had just been buried by black bags full of oozing restaurant garbage. Hooray! And there, very close to the top, were Skip's boots. He shook them off, slipped them on, and strode off into the west. God bless you, Mr. Skippy! And thanks for contributing to the magic that was Chain Letter!

Photo by Christian Cummings

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Olfactory Consolation Prizes

Spent the day in San Pedro at the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) sanctioned NW2 K9 Nose Work® Trial in hopes that Chloe would become the first whippet to achieve that level of olfactory sophistication. Alas, it was not to be. After a sensational performance on the first element -- the container search -- she dawdled distractedly over the vehicle search, looking around at the audience before finally getting down to the task at hand after two and half minutes. Close call! Then the interior room searches, which apparently went well, though there was no room for spectators.

After an inordinately long break, the trial resumed with the exterior search. The chips were stacked against her, as Chloe can't detect odors around blue picnic tables-- and I'm pretty sure some of the judges were wearing undergarments after we expressly indicated that she has issues in this area, so it can't really be said to have been a "fair" trial. This is undoubtedly why she timed out, wandering around the prep school lunchyard like an extra in a zombie movie -- ruining her shot at the title. Happily, when it came time for the "debriefing" (too little too late!) it turned out she had placed 3rd in interior and 2nd in container out of 30ish dogs! So even though "Pleats Please" can not at this time add any more initials after her name, she did get these lovely rosettes. Next time we'll make them paint the picnic tables chartreuse, and ace the motherfucker!

PS: I had to take this photo with 'Photobooth' because I lost my camera. Has anyone seen my camera?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cory's Hi Good ADR Session on youtube

Spent the afternoon at a Burbank recording studio for the ADR session for Hi Good, shot some footage for the "Making of..." doc -- but since Cory's getting all this press for LiTTLEROCK right now, I figured now's the time. Check it out on Youtube.

Monday, August 8, 2011


A few shots from the Unfinished Paintings panel discussion at LACE on Sunday afternoon (11/08/07) -- in keeping with the concept, the discussion was vigorous but left a lot of questions unanswered. Mine in particular. Here we see me trying to use the "explainin' hand" technique to compell the other participants (Lily Simonson, Brad Eberhard, moi, exhibition curators Josh Aster and Kristin Calabrese) to submit to my searching interrogatives.

Despondent over my lack of success, I decide to levitate my sippy cup of vodka to demonstrate my connection to higher vibrational contexts. Kristin saw it. She told me later. Jimmy Hayward, far right, is plainly skeptical, claiming to have seen Art Pepper levitate across the bandstand at the Surf Club in 1952. Embrace Failare tee shirt by Kilduff of Van Nuys.

Defeated, I replace my protective goggles ("They're all around us and we never knew it - you can only see them with these special glasses!") as Carol Cheh (far left) hums the closing theme, Jackson Browne's Boulevard. Cuz nobody gets it like they want it to be. Next time I email my questions in advance. And I'd better get answers this time. Next time.

Photos by James Chertkow.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

SASSAS Listening Party Playlist

I've had a couple of inquiries as regards my playlist for last weekend's SASSAS Listening Party, so here, as best as I can remember, it is:

Audience Induction by Damon – Teegarden & Van Winkle - Experimental Groundwork
Boogieman - Dolphin Explosion - Boogie Man
Pony People - Wounded Lion - Wounded Lion
Noon Balloon To Rangoon - Nervous Norvus - Stone Age Woo: The Zorch Sounds of...
John of the Sword - Animals & Men
Take Me Home Country Roads - Arthur Nakane & His One Man Band (I've listened to this early late 70s? self-released LP for years, and just found out the dude still plays in Little Tokyo and on the SM Pier!)
Songs Hurt Me - Marnie - Songs Hurt Me
Grassy Grass Grass - Woody Guthrie - Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child (1947)
Renaissance of Smut - Mrs. Miller - Does Her Thing (as far as I know, the only commercially released single to begin with the word "Kienholz")
Vain World Adieu - Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - Sacred Harp Singing
The Song of Mr. Phonograph - Tom Recchion - (single 78 played at 33)
Hocus Pocus – Focus - Moving Waves
All is Loneliness – Moondog - The Story of Moondog
Audience Dehypnotization by Damon – Teegarden & Van Winkle - Experimental Groundwork

Photo by Marlene Picard, Original collage LP cover by Marnie