‘patacritical Interrogations Techniques Anthology Volume 3

‘patacritical Interrogations Techniques Anthology Volume 3
Paperback, 412 pages, 6 X 9 ins
ISBN 78-0-9884715-8-0

Edited by Doug Harvey
Published by AC Institute, Jan 2013

'patacritical Interrogation – a real world implementation of the principles of French playwright Alfred Jarry’s science of ‘pataphysics --  picks up where James Shelby Downard’s King-Kill/33: Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy leaves off – on the brink between paranoid conspiracy theory and avant-garde literature.

In this volume of applied ‘patacriticism, edited by Los Angeles-based artist/critic Doug Harvey, pre-existing texts are subjected to extreme stress (by repeated passes through google translator, for example) to make them reveal their hidden meanings, key documents in ‘patacritical research are reprinted, and original artifacts generated from new research are published for the first time anywhere.

‘patacritical Interrogations Techniques Anthology Volume 3 (or ‘pITA3) offers a solid introduction to this exciting new field for readers unfamiliar with ‘patacriticism, as well as a samplings of the very latest developments for those already entrenched in the discipline.

Contents include:

A full transcript of filmmaker Craig Baldwin’s classic experimental documentaryTribulation 99

A previously unpublished ‘patacritical graphic narrative by Peter Blegvad (Slapp Happy, Leviathan) entitled How to Be a Seer

‘patacritical scholar Christine Wertheim’s essay on the work of Belle-Époque ‘pataphysical saint Jean-Pierre Brisset including a new translation of Brisset’s The Great News (The True Creation of Man, The Resurrection of the Dead, All Mysteries Explained)

Excerpts from artist/musician steve roden’s fallen / spoken - an "intuitive translation" of the Swedish poetry of Par Lagerkvist

Jerome “ethnopoetics” Rothenberg’s Eight Variations On A Paris Elegy – his own poems interrogated into robotic Spanglish

John Higham’s alien contact/vermicultural crisis graphic narrative The Wheel of Lohbado

David "Flowers of Bad" Cameron's 18 Twenties poems extracted from the 1991 work by Jackson Mac Low

Poet/scholar Jerome McGann’s Looney Tunes and Unheard Melodies: ☺ -) An Oulipian Colonescapade, with a Critique of ‘The Great-Ape Love Song Corpus’ and its Lexicon

A facsimile and transcription of a recently discovered document by Richard Shaver (subterranean alien contactee and discoverer of “Rock Books”) detailing the Alphabet of the Ancients

Clayton Eshleman’s 9/11 dissection The Assault, Peter Frank’s mistranslations from the French, the first complete publication of Doug Harvey’s Photo Captions From Old National Geographic Magazines Arranged So Their Initials Spell Out the Ten Thunderclaps from Finnegans Wake, excerpts from Sheridan Lowrey’s ongoing analysis of the hermetic encodings of the Museum of Jurassic Technology, an index by Colin Sackett, vintage email spam poems, nonsense recipes by Edward Lear, and more! Copiously illustrated.

Publisher: AC Institute
547 W. 27th St, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001
2nd Floor - #210

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Unknown said...

I just received a copy of 'pATACRITICAL INTERROGATION TECHNIQUES Anthology Volume 3' and I absolutely love it. It's a super-lucid and totally molto bizarro treasure in the warped spirit of Harmony Korine's 'Crack-Up at the Race Riots.' Deeply unsettling and compelling stuff!