Monday, January 30, 2012

Triumph of the Sloth

OK, I've been kind of slothful myself since I failed to beat my last year's blog post count, but at least I didn't roll back to the previous year's meager 72. And we've been busy busy in spite of the unemployment round here, some of which I'll be catching up on shortly. First off though we have the big news of the weekend: our designated resident sloth Chloe AKA Winway Pleats Please earned her NW2 title on Sunday, the first among our whippet herd to get an advanced degree. For those who haven't been following the blog for long, NW2 is the second level of initiation in the Order of Fun Nose Work, a new canine sport based on bomb and drug detection training, which originated right here in Los Angeles (well, Long Beach and Pasadena if you want to get picky).

Chloe spaced out on her first run at the NW2 last year, but this time around she not only made the cut (one of seven to succeed out of thirty in the trial), but she had the 2nd fastest time on the exterior search (the event she screwed up on last time) and the fifth best time overall! Due to our "No whippet left behind" policy, she'll have to wait for Nigel and Portfolio to catch up before taking a stab at her terminal degree. But hot damn, then I'll finally be able to find out where I left that big bag of heroin! What I don't use for the pain, I can sell to schoolchildren so Chloe can finally get that brown contact. Life is good.