Saturday, May 26, 2012

Four concurrent shows and counting...

If you can't get enough of that Doug Harvey feeling, I am now going to have one or two new pieces in a show of slightly kinky work from Winnipeg-associated artistes (including Phyllis Green, Guy Maddin, and many more), at Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood (1643 N. Las Palmas Ave 90028 to be precise), which claims to be "the only fetish art gallery in America, and perhaps the world" - which kind of clashes with my understanding of most art collectors' motivations, but hey, semantics. Now there's a fetish!

The show opens next Saturday, June 2nd, from 6 - 9 and features a live performance by the inimitable Glen Meadmore.
Along with my solo show at Jancar Never Paint Again, my piece in Lineamenta at Beacon Arts, and The Patter of Tiny Brains kids audio curatorial at 323 Projects --- oh wait a minute, that's supposed to be over tomorrow. Better call right away! (323) 843-4652. Counting is tricky!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Michael Q. Schmidt at "Never Paint Again" Opening

The inimitable Michael Q. Schmidt graced the opening of my Jancar Gallery solo show Never Paint Again with his supposedly pay-per-pose pousse-pousse photo op although seeing as I only got $15 out of the deal, I'm thinking a lot of you people still owe me. How did you think you were going to get away with it? I have the photos, for godsake! Thanks to Robert Zargoski (seen in third from last photo). See if you can spot the director of Rugrats in Paris!

I'm going to try and join the above pair (MQS and John "Mr. Let's Paint TV" Kilduff at Pehrspace in Echo Park on Monday June 18th. Be there or stuff.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012

Synonymous with WHAT?

Tom never uses the announcement designs I make. But I distribute them anyway. Here's the latest, modified from the source of the show's title - an advertising postcard for vinyl siding.

JANCAR GALLERY is pleased to announce a special exhibition of work by Doug Harvey:
May 19 - June 16, 2012
Opening reception for the artist: Saturday, May 19, from 6 - 9 PM

TEL 213 625-2522
Hours: Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5 PM (and by appointment)

"The major portion of this exhibit came to me in a dream about 6 months ago – the giant sculptural/architectural painting/installation in the front, leading into the series of collages in the backroom. In the dream it was specifically installed in Jancar Gallery, and I pitched it to Tom on that basis, without expecting him to take me up. I often dream of artworks, but this one was unusual because all the elements for the main piece - some very specific - were materials that I had on hand.

Plus I had been looking for a new modular configuration for my collage works, which the dream prefigured. The resulting collages will eventually comprise an experimental non-linear novel of sixty-four 50 X 38 inch pages, entitled The Cryogenic Angel, the first chapter of which (History Lessens) was recently shown at Beacon Arts Building as part of the LOOP show. Never Paint Again debuts the second and third chapters, Eradication Age and Lorem ipsum Über Alles.

"Never Paint Again" also marks the release of a hand-crafted zine entitled Pussy Pussy in a limited edition of 40, edited by me and created in collaboration with other artists. Seven of the 40 are deluxe collectors editions, housed in a set of chairs – unauthorized collaborations with designers Mark Zuckerman and Monty Lawton, a stack of whose transparent plexi “pocket chairs” I found legless on the streets of Culver City, and made whole to the best of my abilities. The idea of using pocket chairs as display/distribution racks for a DIY publication I stole from Mark Dutcher."

In addition, a number of related performances will take place on the evening of the opening.

Other images: The Cryogenic Angel Chapter Two: Eradication Age; Verse One, collage on paper; Pussy Pussy cover; Assisted Pocket Chair recharging - all works 2012.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hatfield/Kirby Roundtable on Comics Journal

"...when we talk about Kirby, for me we’re not just talking about an extraordinary artist who shaped and was shaped by commercial comic books for most of their history, but one who presided over (and arguably orchestrated) their death as a valid medium of artistic expression. This is why Kirby remains King and Frank Miller will never be more than Executive Producer."

To read the rest of the roundtable discussion of Charles Hatfield's new book Hand of Fire: The Comics Art of Jack Kirby, which includes comments from myself, Jonathan Lethem, Glen Gold, Sarah Boxer, Dan Nadel, Jeet Heer, and Robert Fiore, visit the Comics Journal website by clicking here for Part One, clicking here for Part Two, and clicking here for Part Three (I don't contribute much until the 3rd round). That quote above is from me BTW. So if you come gunnin', Miller, I'm right here!

Images: Book cover; Jack Kirby original collage reproduced in Fantastic Four #51, This Man, This Monster

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Darling Dears - I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another

I just heard this on The Markness and had to track it down. I thought it was some totally hip post-TVontheRadio audio flaneurs, but it turns out to be from 1972! WTF?!