Sunday, July 3, 2016

RFG Movin' On Up

"Approximately two weeks ago, the Rosamund Felsen Gallery completed all of its researches it had set out to do. It has now moved on to its next level of TAW research. This level is beyond anything anyone of us has ever imagined. This level is in fact done in an exterior state. Meaning, that it is done completely exterior from the physical gallery. At this level of TAW, the physical gallery is nothing more than an impediment, an encumbrance to any further gain in TAW. Thus, at 2000 hours Friday, the 9th of July, ARFG 38, the Rosamund Felsen Gallery discarded the physical gallery it had used in this lifetime for 38 years, 10 months, and 11 days. The physical gallery it had used to facilitate its existence in this MEST-OP universe had ceased to be useful and in fact had become an impediment to the work it now must do outside of its confines. It felt it was important, as TAWglodytes, that you were the first to become aware of this fact...The being we knew as the Rosamund Felsen Gallery still exists. However, the physical gallery it had could no longer serve its purposes. This decision was one made at complete cause by the Rosamund Felsen Gallery Although you may feel grief, understand that it did not, and does not now. It has simply moved on to its next step."

M.A. Peers
Collie. 1995
Oil on found sofa upholstery fabric
93 x 96"

Rosamund Felsen Gallery
1923 S. Santa Fe Ave #100
Los Angeles, CA 90021
"Closing Celebratory Show"
Opening: Saturday, July 9th, 2016, 3:00 - 6:00 pm


Friday, July 1, 2016

Drummer, Fiddler, Whatever.

I dreamed I was organizing this huge touring musical installation -- several hundred improvising musicians, all dressed in black, occupying these 3-4 story buildings for a full day, open to the public to wander through. We had just successfully completed a dress rehearsal in our base of operations -- not certain where -- and I was consulting with my field agents about the last few venues to be nailed down. The tour was mostly in Europe, but seemed to focus on islands and peninsulas in Scandinavia and the Eastern Mediterranean. One of my scouts was saying that they had found that the cities on the west side of various geographical areas were riddled with tourists and bad vibes and were more expensive (though that didn't seem to be a concern) but that the east side was relaxed and open and more mysterious, and that they had found appropriate buildings there. We agreed to book those places. One of the musicians came by, and it was Philip Seymour Hoffman (as himself) saying what a great time he was having playing drums. I was thinking maybe I should invite him to join one of my smaller, more continuous bands, and that would stop him from ODing.