Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hatfield/Kirby Roundtable on Comics Journal

"...when we talk about Kirby, for me we’re not just talking about an extraordinary artist who shaped and was shaped by commercial comic books for most of their history, but one who presided over (and arguably orchestrated) their death as a valid medium of artistic expression. This is why Kirby remains King and Frank Miller will never be more than Executive Producer."

To read the rest of the roundtable discussion of Charles Hatfield's new book Hand of Fire: The Comics Art of Jack Kirby, which includes comments from myself, Jonathan Lethem, Glen Gold, Sarah Boxer, Dan Nadel, Jeet Heer, and Robert Fiore, visit the Comics Journal website by clicking here for Part One, clicking here for Part Two, and clicking here for Part Three (I don't contribute much until the 3rd round). That quote above is from me BTW. So if you come gunnin', Miller, I'm right here!

Images: Book cover; Jack Kirby original collage reproduced in Fantastic Four #51, This Man, This Monster

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