Saturday, August 6, 2011

SASSAS Listening Party Playlist

I've had a couple of inquiries as regards my playlist for last weekend's SASSAS Listening Party, so here, as best as I can remember, it is:

Audience Induction by Damon – Teegarden & Van Winkle - Experimental Groundwork
Boogieman - Dolphin Explosion - Boogie Man
Pony People - Wounded Lion - Wounded Lion
Noon Balloon To Rangoon - Nervous Norvus - Stone Age Woo: The Zorch Sounds of...
John of the Sword - Animals & Men
Take Me Home Country Roads - Arthur Nakane & His One Man Band (I've listened to this early late 70s? self-released LP for years, and just found out the dude still plays in Little Tokyo and on the SM Pier!)
Songs Hurt Me - Marnie - Songs Hurt Me
Grassy Grass Grass - Woody Guthrie - Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child (1947)
Renaissance of Smut - Mrs. Miller - Does Her Thing (as far as I know, the only commercially released single to begin with the word "Kienholz")
Vain World Adieu - Alabama Sacred Harp Singers - Sacred Harp Singing
The Song of Mr. Phonograph - Tom Recchion - (single 78 played at 33)
Hocus Pocus – Focus - Moving Waves
All is Loneliness – Moondog - The Story of Moondog
Audience Dehypnotization by Damon – Teegarden & Van Winkle - Experimental Groundwork

Photo by Marlene Picard, Original collage LP cover by Marnie


Anonymous said...

we can haz podcast(s) plz? ~^^

DougH said...

Half of it is from vinyl, so that'd take some doing. I'll see what I can do though.