Friday, July 29, 2011

Chain Letter Part Two Part One

Man, this whole Chain Letter thing has blown up like crazy! I have a bunch of other stuff to catch up on here, but I figure the people might want to see these photos. This is actually the second batch, as the first -- from the install -- are on another computer. These are from the opening, which was awesome.

There must have been a dozen unscheduled performance artists or more (not including the Round of Applause Parade that circulated through the entire parking lot, picking up participants as it went along, crusade style). Word in the parking lot was that this was a father and son team, rocking a minimal papier mache euro-puppet look to great effect -- here they are unmasked, digging the Keith Walsh Experience.

Many kind souls contributed additional victual provisions including a bonus beer keg (on top of the six that crippled Wayne Blank) and this inventive erotic red velvet wanker cake, which was devoured and/or demolished in rapid order.

Is it possible to take a bad picture of this show? I can't match many of these works to their artists -- we'll just have to wait for the catalog...

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