Monday, August 8, 2011


A few shots from the Unfinished Paintings panel discussion at LACE on Sunday afternoon (11/08/07) -- in keeping with the concept, the discussion was vigorous but left a lot of questions unanswered. Mine in particular. Here we see me trying to use the "explainin' hand" technique to compell the other participants (Lily Simonson, Brad Eberhard, moi, exhibition curators Josh Aster and Kristin Calabrese) to submit to my searching interrogatives.

Despondent over my lack of success, I decide to levitate my sippy cup of vodka to demonstrate my connection to higher vibrational contexts. Kristin saw it. She told me later. Jimmy Hayward, far right, is plainly skeptical, claiming to have seen Art Pepper levitate across the bandstand at the Surf Club in 1952. Embrace Failare tee shirt by Kilduff of Van Nuys.

Defeated, I replace my protective goggles ("They're all around us and we never knew it - you can only see them with these special glasses!") as Carol Cheh (far left) hums the closing theme, Jackson Browne's Boulevard. Cuz nobody gets it like they want it to be. Next time I email my questions in advance. And I'd better get answers this time. Next time.

Photos by James Chertkow.


Mr. Homegrown said...

Where was that "explainin' hand" during the Pia Zadora movie the other night? Inquiring minds want to know.

DougH said...

"Butterfly" needs no explanation; quite the opposite. You need to let it wash over you like you're relaxing in a rich, oily bubble bath and it just keeps filling and filling until its ready to spill over the side and drench everything!

tc said...

This makes me almost miss L.A. Almost!