Sunday, August 9, 2020

Archive: "Radial" 1986

Found postcard, plastic bag, plastic tape, sketchbook page, 9 X 5 ins

FB exchange: 

Will Amato: What was that when you made it? A formal exercise? Were there “ideas” of some sort accompanying it? I’m just curious. I was talking about your work - these early pieces of yours - to a friend of mine the other day and didn’t know how to explain them exactly other than they were “notions” you were putting down - like quick thoughts captured on the page.

DH: Long time ago - but yeah, spontaneously diaristic as ever. I knew that the tape would yellow, and the plastic was a sort of sad "archival" gesture, like it was a piece of forensic evidence I was obliged to attempt to preserve. I thought it was funny that some one would print postcards with a solitary car wheel- which appealed to my taste for Pop - but I was immersed in Jung in those days, and would have simultaneously seen it as a mandala archetype. Oh and yes, a formal exercise! Sorry you asked?

WA: Not at all. “Strangely enough” - if you know what I mean - I just posted a link about Jung and active imagination just before I read this.

DH: Mere coincidence! Keep your black tide of occultism in the high desert where it belongs!

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