Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tardy Art

"Great Expectorations: Return of the Green Man" 2006
Photo by Joshua White

Okay, it's only taken like what, three months? but I've uploaded to flickr some images from my "Great Expectorations" solo show at High Energy Constructs earlier this year. The first set is the actual "Great Expectorations" which are painting/collages on standard 50 X 38 sheets of paper involving some sort of eruption from one domain into another -- the bottom line to qualify as an "event." This series was started in 2004, but the bulk were completed in the couple of months before the show opened. The "Precious Nuggets" sculptures will follow shortly. I recommend clicking the 'Play as Slideshow' option, as the transitions add a certain awesomeness to the proceedings.

"Great Expectorations: He Them Both (Can’t Spell Mourning Without “U”)" 2006
Photo by Joshua White

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ghaines said...

what a gorgeous piece of expectoration