Friday, June 15, 2007

Portal to the Future

I've been getting behind in my posts -- I haven't been able to report on the amazing Angela Davis/Dengue Fever double bill or the live Guy Maddin extravaganza, because I've been down in Laguna working on the installation of the first-ever museum retrospective of Rick Griffin - the surf cartoonist, psychedelic poster artist, underground comix innovator, and born-again Christian painter who died in a motorcycle accident in 1991. The show is looking amazing - it opens next weekend. Above we see a remarkable image capturing the exact moment when a time/space portal opened in Griffin's San Clemente living room, allowing Rick to send his Flying Eyeball emissary back in time to prevent the Nazis from winning WWII. Just another thing you didn't know about this remarkable artist. More to come, but I have to put together a powerpoint presentation at my failed attempt to convince a group of Swedish art students to create a sequel to Joseph Sarno's 1978 porn classic FÄBODJÄNTAN, to be presented tonight as part of

“Renegade Artists: The Swedish Los Angeles Connection”
An evening of slides, films, music, meatballs and drinks
Organized by Marnie Weber, featuring:

Jeffrey Vallance, who will present a jet-lagged slide lecture about the shows he has curated in Sweden. A slide presentation by Liz Young, titled “New Reality Mix: Hotel California.” Marnie Weber screens “Poor Them” a short film of unfortunate circus animals filmed in Sweden. Ghost Drawings brought forth through the Ouija Board by Christian Cummings and Michael Decker. A presentation by Doug Harvey titled, “Fabodjantan II.” And special guests direct from Sweden, Ride 1 presenting 3 film excerpts: “Remakes of the Deer Hunter, Alien, and Jaws.”

$5 suggested donation
990 N. Hill Street, Suite 180
Los Angeles

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