Monday, May 28, 2007

Gold Country Log Phase Two

One of the surprises of the Ishi Gathering and Seminar 2007 was meeting Bob Burrill (right), twin brother to Gathering mainspring Richard. According to Bob, "Dick" never displayed his legendary energy levels until he started walking the Ishi path. Such is inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, here's the trailer for "Robert's" legendary 70's cult ecological horror movie 'The Milpitas Monster', which I just ordered off Amazon.


Adam Eleven said...


re Artemiev's Mirror/Stalker file: Try to open the archive (using any standard zip program) and then extrach each file manually (except #16, which gives you the usual errors). If the file names are too long, just move the archive to the root folder, then extract. Sorry, don't have time/bandwidth to upload the full album). Best, Adam Eleven

Mr. Homegrown said...

Can you say backyard screening?

DougH said...

Thanks Adam, I'll give it a shot. You read my mind Survive! Although it is one of the worst transfers I've ever seen!