Sunday, May 27, 2007

Critical Catchup 02

It's not on Amazon or the OTIS or LA Louver websites yet, but I can state with near certainty that the beautiful catalog for "Don Suggs: One Man Group Show" is real. The cover shows a detail from "Black Cross, New Mexico (Matrimony Series)" (2006), currently on view as part of the artist's solo show Concentric at Louver. Part of the Patrimony/Matrimony series, it is a translation of one of a dozen or so archetypal art historical paintings, sampling each band of color from the original's formal or psychological center outward. In this case, the source image was Georgia O'Keefe's 1929 masterpiece.

Curiously, the work can also be seen in the background of this grainy surveillance photo of a homeless crazy man being interviewed by Homeland Security. Clearly their vertiginous qualities have a variety of applications, both aesthetic and practical.

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