Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Patter of Tiny Brains

Call for Submissions - The Patter of Tiny Brains

This is a call for submissions to a phone-in audio exhibition to be presented as part of 323 Projects. The audio artifacts should all be in some sense generated by children, up to and including adolescents. This can include documentary recordings of in utero sounds, babies crying or cooing, or teenagers cussing out their Mom; skits, sound diaries or letters, or recorded homework assignments; original musical compositions or cover versions of popular songs; or electroacoustic audio collages – in short, any sound recording created by or featuring kids. A companion compilation CD, LP, and/or downloadable album is also anticipated.

I am also willing to consider collaborative projects between post-adolescent artists and children, eg: a band with mixed age membership, or an adult-remixed sound piece made from child recordings. I welcome any found material, as well as any appropriate public domain recordings, and would appreciate leads to copyright material whose inclusion might be practically pursued. I have limited technical capabilities, but can transfer recordings from phonograph or cassette to digital format, and may be able to arrange the same for reel-to-reel or other formats.

The show is scheduled to open April 6th 2012, so please don’t delay in getting in touch with me at -- if possible include an mp3 file and all information with your email. Deadline to receive your audio file is April 2nd, but the sooner the better! Also, please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

Image: Our poster boy is the subject of this anthology I curated a little while back, available for free DL from Pleonasm/Redacted via the FMA.

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