Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clear the Grid! Encyclopedia Duff's on the Case!

Super-googler Sean Duffy seems to have solved "The Mystery of That Freaky Wood Carving I Bought at the Corner Furniture/Thrift Store a Couple of Weeks Ago" (see "Score of the Millennium (so far)") - Wayne D. Martin seems to have come from a renowned family of Appalachian woodcarvers and instrument makers - there are several web pages devoted to the family and their work, curated by Drs. Rachael and Richard Heller, who are quite a phenomenon in themselves - accomplished scuba divers, biological scientists, semipro Disney fanatics, authors of bestselling diet books, children's literature, and a Da Vinci Code-style thriller called The Thirteenth Apostle.

The five Martin brothers were the sons of Marcus, a fiddler who is shown playing with Bascom Lamar Lunsford of I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground fame, and if I'm reading right, Wayne may have been the artist responsible for this beautiful "still life" scene, which is just one of the many amazing carvings reproduced here. Thanks, Sean - now go do them taxes! Revenuers is gittin itchy - them Afghanastanis ain't gonna kill themselves y'know! Hyuk hyuk!

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