Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chinatown Swastika Rehab!

As it's my birthday I am taking the day off, but I urge all who are concerned with the destigmatization of one of the oldest and most spiritually potent iconographic symbols of our species to visit two events today in LA's Chinatown district: Painter, Mothman Kindred spirit, and Beck FANatic Lily Simonson in collaboration with Independent Researcher Yong Ha Jeong presents Session 2 of their course in Practicing Shamanism: Korean and Siberian Shamanism at The Public School at TELIC (951 Chung King Road, 4 PM, continues through Dec 21).

Just down the walk-only sidestreet, USC grad and recent Jancar Galley (961 Chung King Road, 6 -9 PM) co-conspirator Maya Lujan's recent multi-media abstractions headline that venue's new trifecta of typically consummate offerings which also includes "Some Paintings" alumnus Tyler Stallings' Deinstalled Paintings and Alice Clements "In the Basement." See if you can score a copy of the catalog from Lujan's 2008 MFA Thesis documenting one of the most interesting painting-based installations in recent memory. Continues through Dec 18.

Images: Some olde swastika; Maya Lujan's Untitled (Mimosa) 2010; Tyler Stalling's (unidentified painting) 2010?

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