Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Day the Music Died

Well, that was pretty awesome. Especially considering we'd never played together before. Unfortunately the telephone link to Canada went south about halfway through.

I was trying out this cheap digital voice recorder (Olympus DS-2) for documenting audio. Sounds OK to me, though I realize that's not saying much. Anyway, I've uploaded mp3s of the performance in a zip compressed folder here.

Thanks to guest soloists Steve Roden, Dani Tull, & Rick Potts
Mannlicher Carcano LA: Really Happening, Herr Schurdt, Bonnje Pjarker, Cocoa Puph, Christ's Cumming II
Mannlicher Carcano proper: Gogo Godot, Porter Hall
Psychedelic lightshow extravaganza by Robbie Herbst and Karl Erickson

Nigel got some traumatic shmutz embedded in his cornea, so he's been coned for a few weeks.


Daniel Flahiff said...

doug, thanks for posting these. They are great.

I'd like to add the last three to the Hank's Hi-Fi playlist, but I want to be sure to credit those who deserve it.

Could you send relevant info: Artist, Name of song, etc.

Thanks man,

-d (aka. Hank)

Daniel Flahiff said...

Seems like I could have figured this out myself, had I been paying attention...

You're live here:


DougH said...

Thanks Hank
Just in case, it's all one song called "The Day The Music Died" subdivided into 7 sections, with solos by Steve Roden (TDTMD 2) Rick Potts (TDTMD 4) and Dani Tull (TDTMD 6). All other sections are performed by Mannlicher Carcano. Check the links section to access the Mannlicher radio show archives at CFRU and feel free to add sections from the program to your playlist!