Friday, February 28, 2014

This is the dude who ATE Michael Rockefeller.

How Occupy is that? It's like some Bataille wet dream.

"Don't you tell this story to any other man or any other village, because this story is only for us. Don't speak. Don't speak and tell the story. I hope you remember it and you must keep this for us. I hope, I hope, this is for you and you only. Don't talk to anyone, forever, to other people or another village. If people question you, don't answer. Don't talk to them, because this story is only for you. If you tell it to them, you'll die. I am afraid you will die. You'll be dead, your people will be dead, if you tell this story. You keep this story in your house, to yourself, I hope, forever. Forever..."

Read Carl Hoffmann's WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO MICHAEL ROCKEFELLER in the current Smithsonan Magazine. Or a boiled-down account of his new evidence in the NY Daily News.

Image: A 1973 photo of war chief Ajam, of the Dani Tribe of New Guinea, who told missionaries he killed U.S. anthropologist Michael Rockefeller in 1961, and was one of the tribesmen who ate parts of his body.

PS: In rereading Hoffmann's article, I just realized Michael Rockefeller died the day I was born.

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