Friday, February 1, 2013

Launch Event 2 for ‘patacritical Interrogations Techniques Anthology 3

Launch event for ‘patacritical Interrogations Techniques Anthology Volume 3

8 PM Friday, February 1st

The Institute for Figuring, 990 N. Hill Street, #180, Chinatown Los Angeles, CA 90012

In conjunction with the Printed Matter LA Art Book Fair
Featuring performances, screenings, and readings by Christine Wertheim, steve roden, Brian Tucker, Sheridan Lowrey, Christian Cummings, Colin Sackett, and Margaret Wertheim. PLUS: A rare screening of the hippy-era interpretive dance film depiction of Protein Synthesis

Free and public, donations welcome, refreshments will be served!

Editor Doug Harvey, The IFF, AC Books and r.a.m. publications + distributions present the second in a series of salons investigating the permutations and combinations of ‘patacritical Interrogation in conjunction with the publication of the ‘pITA3 collection.

'patacritical Interrogation – a real world implementation of the principles of French playwright Alfred Jarry’s science of ‘pataphysics -- picks up where James Shelby Downard’s King-Kill/33: Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy leaves off – on the brink between paranoid conspiracy theory and avant-garde literature.

‘pITA3 offers a solid introduction to this exciting new field for readers unfamiliar with ‘patacriticism, as well as a samplings of the very latest developments for those already entrenched in the discipline, with contributions from Craig Baldwin, Peter Blegvad, Christine Wertheim, steve roden, Jerome Rothenberg, John Higham, David Cameron, Jerome McGann, Richard Shaver, Clayton Eshleman, Peter Frank, Doug Harvey, Sheridan Lowrey, Colin Sackett, Edward Lear, and more! Copiously illustrated.

‘patacritical scholar Christine Wertheim’s offering a brief introduction to Belle-Époque ‘pataphysical saint Jean-Pierre Brisset and the performance of frOg-sExe-sOng-crOak an original Brisset-inspired text-sound composition.

The world premiere of artist/musician steve roden’s new short film you, like a bridge.
you, like a monorail. which charts the hidden connections between a map of the Disneyland monorail and the sheet music for Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Independent researcher Brian Tucker presenting a brief overview of the life and work of Richard Shaver -subterranean alien contactee and discoverer of prehistoric holographic “Rock Books”

A continuous looped screening of UK bookmaker Colin Sackett's passively dictatorial subliminal Powerpoint poem "aboutenminutes"

Maverick art historian Sheridan Lowrey projecting the insights of her Duchamp After The Museum of Jurassic Technology Before the Fall essays into cyberspace and the speaker/audience landscape in a talk based on her current online project at entitled To Give to Be Seen: How to Stand to Present
by Duchampian/Lacanian Mechanics

Artist Christian Cummings, known for his Spectral Psychography project in which dead artists create drawings via a ouija board, will contribute an as yet undisclosed musical performance, which may or may not be translated to or from the Esparanto.

Science writer Margaret Wertheim on the outsider physics of James Carter, including a demonstration of his giant smoke ring generator made from garbage cans and a disco fog machine.

PLUS: A rare screening of the hippy-era interpretive dance film depiction of Protein Synthesis directed by Robert Alan Weiss for the Department of Chemistry of Stanford University .

Also on view will be the IFF’s current exhibit Making Space featuring the in-progress business-card model of the Mosely Snowflake Fractal Sponge Tower

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