Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Night at The Bellagio

 ...with Chihuly, Warhol, Rafat, and Renoir! Plus Chinese Flower Children! Tang Dynasty disco ball horse by Venue Arts. This is like what I imagine that kid in Equus is seeing! "...and Fleckwus spoke out of his chinkle-chankle, saying Behold!"

Actually I'm guessing all the Chinoiserie is by Venue Arts, including the big snake. I couldn't quite hear, but I think Pasha was saying "Get the hell out of the shot, kid - this is MY scene!" Fake Warhol polaroid portrait of the author in front of fake Factory wall on it's way...

They wouldn't let me take pix inside the show, which has a silver double Elvis, a silver Liz taylor, a dance step pattern, and much later work, including an awesome diamond dust portrait of Georgia O'Keefe. But dig these two Warhol/chocolate intertextualizations. Blow this one below up to read the amended Warholisms- "14 minutes longer than this chocolate bar will last!"

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