Friday, November 2, 2012

Some Funds

Here are my endorsements for the current crop of direct fundraising campaigns that have recently crossed my desk. There's something seriously fucked up with blogger right now so I'll just post this without captions and get the hell out of here. Dig deep!

Offramp Gallery is holding a benefit auction Nov 3 & 4 to pay for LA painter Lisa Adams' medical bills following complications to her cataract surgery. Contributing artists include Laddie John Dill, Ed Moses, Kristin Calabrese, Larry Bell, Chuck Arnoldi, Iva Gueorguieva, Anita Bunn, Susan Sironi, Jim Ganser, China Adams, Joshua Aster, Erin Cosgrove and many more. Lisa's formally exquisite and conceptually idiosyncratic nature paintings just keep getting better, so let's keep 'em coming!  

Here's a Kickstarter ending Monday Nov 5th, headed by the great text-sound composer Charles Amirkhanian and his Bay Area Other Minds organization, funding a three-day music festival honoring the life and work of the late brilliant avant-garde piano-roll composer Conlon Nancarrow (above in his Mexico City studio; click very top image to see video of one of his rolls in action). Performances, panels, exhibitions, films & more! 

Duplex Planet mastermind David Greenberger needs help funding a new CD collaboration with Robyn Hitchcock, and was recently offering a thankyou in the liner notes and a copy of the CD to anyone who bought $250 worth of his highly affordable and surprisingly awesome visual art from his facebook albums, some of which dates back to the 60s. You might want to email him to see if the shout-out offer still holds, but the art's a terrific bargain in any case, and easy to kill a couple of hours perusing.  

Some of our friends at the ECF Art Program for the developmentally different are raising money on indiegogo to publish a 400-page "museum quality" book of these neurologically amazing and subversively accomplished artists' output. Only $29,850 to go on their goal of $30K! Cmon, people! (They're also looking for a Program Supervisor with an MFA and bureaucratic chops, BTW) 

Also through the end of the month, beloved agit-pranksters The Yes Men are raising funds on Kickstarter to complete their third feature-length interventionist documentary, The Yes Men Are Revolting. This is the official secret decoder ring (!) you get for donations of $35 or more!

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