Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Cryogenic Angel, Chapter One

The first 1 1/4 chapters of my new improvised experimental graphic collage novel "The Cryogenic Angel" are currently on view as part of "The LOOP Show" curated by China Adams at the Beacon Arts Building in Inglewood. The novel will ultimately consist of 64 50 X 30 inch collages, 16 chapters made up from 4 individual eruptions of cultural detritus, shifting orientation through 4 directions in a counterclockwise rotation. The first chapter is entitled "History Lessens" -- sorry about the lo-res images, I'll post some better ones when I get them; but to read the fine print you really have to see them in person.

The LOOP Show
Dec 3, 2011 – Jan 15, 2012
Beacon Arts Building
808 N. La Brea Avenue
North Inglewood, CA

Thurs - Sat 1 - 6 PM
Sun 1 - 4 PM

Dec 24 - Jan 5
By Appointment Only
To make an appointment:

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