Sunday, October 30, 2011

It began with a potato...

I usually get my DIY Printmaking students to collaborate on a giant potato print done in the Chuck Closey pointillist style. For some reason this semester I came up with an image of Frankenstein in a beret and it seemed to inspire them. Here's Young Summers putting some finishing touches on it.

Later, when we moved on to spray stencils, I kept working with the image, and added the caption "Monsters of Art" -- and I was all like "That'd be an awesome tiitle for a show" and Arata was all like "Let's do it!" So we did and it's opening tonight, Halloween, October 31st, and it is awesome.

Here's a bit of a previrew... above: Ernie Ramirez's professional accoutrements; below: Victoria Reynold's oil painting Lord of Fat

Above: Marnie Weber's concrete-slippered monster from her most recent series thereof; below: Marcel Azevedo adds the necessary didactics to complete the potato Frank. Actually it wasn't really complete until we framed it with Monsters of Art themed prints from the class...

Above: Josh Miller's Cato at the Gate of Purgatory which I advised him to include on the condition that Cato be rendered monstrous by the addition of a tail, which may be seen here; below: Arata fixes a hole while in the foreground Don Suggs' Blue Eyed Devil awaits hanging.

Potato Frank finally complete, with stalwart printmaker/installers Idowu Ajibola, Maria Ana Sampaio Nunes , Robert Zargoski, Young Summers, Karisa Ballard, and Will Carrico taking a deserved rest. It wasn't until Steve Hurd dropped off his painting that we realized Frank was not yet complete... but you'll have to check out the show to know what I mean.

Monsters Of Art
Curated By Michael Arata and Doug Harvey

Suzanne Adelman, Michael Arata, Marcel Azevedo, Tony Beringhele, Jimmy Chertkow, Derek Curry, Justin Cole, Scott Davis, Denise Davis, Mark Dutcher, Bill Farroux, Jennifer Gradecki, Kio Griffith, Doug Harvey, Steve Hurd, Kristi Lippire, Josh Miller, Kenneth Ober, Ernie Ramirez, Victoria Reynolds, Anna Siqueiros, Laurie Steelnik, Don Suggs, Dani Tull, Jeffrey Vallance, Keith Walsh, Matt Wardell, Marnie Weber, WLAC Printmaking Class

Opening reception October 31, 6:30-9:30 PM
Costume Optional, bring treats to share

Live music by East of Lincoln
featuring jazz recording artist Diane Hubka

West Los Angeles College Art Gallery
9000 Overland Avenue (just S of Jefferson)
Culver City, CA 90230

Regular hours: Monday-Thursday 10AM - 4PM
Exhibit up through December 1, 2011

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