Thursday, December 23, 2010

Canned Hack

Sorry for the sudden dearth of postage -- you'd think being completely immobilized for two weeks from a gout attack in the left heel would prompt an outpouring of bloggity blah-blah but this has not been the case. I've been writing a bit, but mostly dealing with my abrupt discharge as lead art critic for the LA Weekly. I can't say I was too surprised -- between the general collapse of print media, the specific culture-wide assault on arts journalism, and the Village Voice Media's vendetta against pinko egghead hippies among its rank and file, I was surprised I lasted this long. Still, it could have been handled a little more professionally. If you haven't got the skinny, check out Jori Finkel's mop-up at the LA Times culturemonster blog. And I'll try and get back in the swing over the holidays.


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about this, I saw Tom C. today and he told me about it. Maybe we'll have to go back to mimeographed flyers to get our art criticism. I hope you get another gig, always enjoyed your writing even when I didn't agree with you.

Unknown said...

Bad news for the LA Weekly...( it's been such a pain to slog thru some terrible features these past years, and now I feel less inclined to even pick it up! )

Unknown said...

Doug, will you still be teaching at WLAC? I was thinking of signing up for yer class.... plz email me at, thanks!

danduderino said...

Congrats on THE NATION gig. I use to advertise in there and plan on doing so again soon as one of my products is red hot once again. Good fortunes and Happy New Year.
~Dan Duderino,
President and CEO of