Monday, August 2, 2010

Last Ditch Attempt to Save the Empire

For this exhibition of metaphysically functional art, I am resuscitating my 1994 six-painting suite Last Ditch Attempt to Save the Empire which has become part of my "Rotted" oeuvre through a collaborative transformational entropic process with the forces of nature. Devised as a mechanism for radical semiotic deprogramming, LDAtStE uses leftover Disney cel animation paint with the official designation "Smog" as its primary color vehicle to ensure its geographical specificity and therefore local psychic potency. Victims of the entertainment industry are encouraged to bask in its regenerative energies, but should be cautioned that, as of press time, the vibrating pocket pussy component of LDAtStE III is not operational. Also Chris Miles should stay away, since the last time this work was shown was in Meg Linton's "Bad Sonnets: Grand Metaphors" show at Brewery Projects, after which Chris stopped making art for a decade. Coincidence perhaps, but better safe than sorry!

Check out my website for an image gallery of these [destroyed as of 2012] paintings.

JANCAR GALLERY is pleased to announce a group exhibition - "SUPERNATURAL"
(curated by Maya Lujan and Tom Jancar)
Opening reception for the artists: Saturday, Aug. 6, from 6 - 9 PM
AUG. 6- AUG. 31, 2010

Supernatural is a group exhibition that focuses on objects produced to understand the larger world and control one's position within it, as well as one's fundamental scale within the universe. The work in the exhibition will critically investigate the natural power contained within art; embedded in corporeal painting, totemic sculpture, the phenomenon of photography and transience of video or body of performances that will also evoke ritualistic incantations and other events of the mind and the soul.

The exhibition includes the following artists:
John Baldessari - Andrea Bowers - Doug Harvey - Ilene Segalove - David Askevold - Micol Hebron - Dawn Kasper - Marcus Civin - Katia Santibanez - Dorit Cypis - Christian Cummings - Tyler Stallings - Danielle McCullough - Sarah Cromarty - Rowan Wood - Margo Victor - Nancy Evans - Elizabeth DiGiovanni.

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