Monday, February 23, 2009

Give Me Equulibrium or Give Me Horse Tranquilizers

If anyone's in the vicinity of the City of Brea, or passing through, this is the last week to check out Out of School, a show that gathers together a disparate group of works created by people who teach in SoCal art schools - including myself, Caroline Clerc, Roger Herman, Linda Day, and many others. My piece is a combination of two previously exhibited horse head sculptures, both of which will be entering private collections after this show. L: Precious Nuggets: St. Sebastian Annie Edson Taylor Queen of the Night, 2007 R: St. Sebastian Ann Coulter Daniel Radcliffe Mandelbrot Set, 2008

The City of Brea Gallery is located in the Brea Civic & Cultural Center at 1 Civic Center Circle, Plaza Level. Gallery hours are Wednesday - Sunday, 12 to 5 p.m., closed Monday, Tuesday and holidays. Admission is $2 and Brea residents are free.

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