Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shortage of Fats Imperils Nation at War! Do Your Bit!

If the lure of XMAS salvage (now including guest sub-curator Jodi Wille of Process Media presenting previously unscreened video of local glam evangelist Miss Velma and the SOURCE Family’s Hawaiian Christmas special!!!) is not enough to get you to Echo Park this Saturday night, consider the synergistic possibilities of this:

Fry-B-Q 3, Wrath of Fry-B-Q
Saturday Dec 15, 7:00pm-10:00pm
Free Admission/$5 all you can fry

Machine Project
1200 D North Alvarado
Los Angeles, CA, 90026

Here’s what you do…

1) Arrive between 7 - 10 pm Saturday Dec 15th.

2) Bring something edible to fry. Machine's trained fryolater technicians will be standing by, eager to batter and fatify your soon to be delicious snacks. Machine's extensive testing suggests that almost any item will bring great fried satisfaction - potatoes, fish, vegetables, onions, twinkies, etc. Just in case Machine bought extra fire extinguishers.

3) Bring checks small and large and become a friend of Machine Project. Your donation helps Machine keep doing what Machine does, and is fully tax deductible. Details on Machine's support page

The secret bar (accessible through a stabilized rift in the time/space continuum) will be open.

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