Saturday, October 13, 2007

Now, set the doom machine against the imperial space station itself!

Writing is a lonely calling, so it is especially gratifying when one learns that not one but two of one's blog readers have taken the plunge and rented STARCRASH solely on the basis of one's blog entry recommendation. One such was Steve Roden who may have been stunned into permanent silence, though reliable intelligence says he may be reworking the haunting theme music for his October 23rd gig at the Hammer. The other is Daniel Mendel-Black, who immediately folded the complex STARCRASH cosmology into his own ongoing sci-fi political allegory at his Kulturedrome blog. Let's try and keep this going, people!


COOP said...

I had very pleasant memories of seeing this epic trash when I was a lad, and in such a Star Wars-inspired frenzy that I would watch anything with a raygun or model-parts-encrusted spaceship in it.

I had no idea it was available on DVD. I just ordered it. My no-longer pubescent loins ache at the thought of once again seeing the lovely Caroline Munro...

May Sweet Baby Jeebus heap blessings upon your furrowed brow, Doug Harvey.

Jacques de Beaufort said...

wasn't there like a star wars done with blenders as space ships or something? maybe I just hallucinated that from a 2nd grade birthday party.

these are worth checking out:
Masque of the Red Death
Lust for a Vampire

Jacques de Beaufort said...

oh yeah..this is awesome also:

DougH said...

Hardware Wars