Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Art!

I'll have a post about my solo show opening and the upcoming moldy slides screening shortly, but first a heads-up concerning a rare Mannlicher Carcano radio broadcast hosted by Gogo Godot in Winnipeg on The University of Manitoba's CFUM-FM on Wednesday from 11 - 1 Pacific Time (1 -3 Winnipeg time) as part of the station's all day radio art celebration of "Art's birthday." Tune in. We'll give Art one to grow on! In the ear! Oh yeah, there was a record number of adjunct participants in the LA Mannlicher audio dungeon two weeks ago: Clockwise from Buddy Holy (in orange shirt); Purse Launch, Herr Schurdt, Cocoa Puph, Christ's Cumming II. Photographed by Really Happening.


Purslane said...

I'm jealous. I'll have to do 4 hours on Saturday alone in Berzerks :-[

Henry Reed said...

January 14 is my birthday
My picture blog is dailymandala.blogspot.com
Close to 1100 pictures now