Saturday, June 1, 2013


Exclusive preview of Bruce Lee bronze statue about to be unveiled in Chinatown. Here, Bruce seems to be saying "It's been a bad day; please don't take your picture!" in his charming patois. Visitors to LA's historic tourist destination will now have an opportunity to commemorate their adventure with a souvenir photo. But be sure to stay behind the  little white fence and "Please Keep Off the Statue"! This has been a DougH on the Go! Exclusive!

I have discovered the secret of Time Travel! Ha ha ha ha ha! Bow before me, 4th Dimensional peons! Here is my original post from the FUTURE!

Have my hallucinations started up again, or has anyone else seen this kick-ass Bruce Lee bronze statue in Chinatown, surrounded by a little white fence and signs that say "Please Keep Off the Statue"? (If you are a hallucination, please do not respond)

Oh wait, apparently it's been there for two months! Well, there goes my scoop.

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