Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Score of the Millennium (so far)

Except maybe for the Sons of Dolemite script. There's this store on the corner of our street and Sunset that used to be a low end furniture store, layaway plans on dinette suites type of thing, but has fallen on hard times and morphed partially into a thrift store. On poop walk Tuesday morning I caught sight of this thing set out by the front door, and had to check it out.

Ten bucks! What the hell is it? The inscription on the side of the top hat says "Wayne D. Martin Feb 4, 1935 June 20 1993" - is it a grave marker or something? The inscription on the top seems to rule that out. And check out those finely detailed choppers. Lee Lynch's gonna pee his pants when he sees this!


Joey said...

Wow, that is awesome Doug!

Mr. Homegrown said...

Holy crap.

Mrs. Homegrown said...

That is the score of all time. Erik and I are in awe. Shock and awe.