Friday, June 10, 2011

New Work by Hector Romero

A selection of remarkable recent works on paper by extraordinary Brooklyn painter/drawer Hector Romero, who may be with us in LA soon. Hector's been mining this rich vein of abstraction melding into cartoonish figurative graphics and back again since we were in grad school at UCLA, and the whole Providence-centered flurry of similar work came and went without anyone picking up on this masterful strain. Now is the time! (PS - I uploaded these images larger than usual because of the amount of detail in them -- click on each one to get a larger view)

To the Limit, Silly Phase, Now Who's Crazy, Nemo, Miracles, Las Palmas, Favorite Part, Fat Lip, Early Raveen, Cult Favorites, 6 valves All works pencil or mixed media on paper, 2010