Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bitch, You'll Be a Woman Soon

Chloe is a woman now. We picked up some 'Bitch Britches' to contain the seepage while P-Fool was KA&TN out in Indio over the weekend, but they were way too big, so we've opted for the high-waisted Donna Karan number pictured here, but even they had to be taken in! Talk about your supermodel looks! Strangely enough, it's Nigel and Portfolio that have been binging and purging.

The mood around here has been distinctly altered by the pheromones - weird trance states, political upheaval, and sudden mood swings. The other night Chloe - who sleeps at the head of the bed - suddenly woke up at like 3 AM and chomped me on the bicep -- and it fuckin hurt! Never happened before, either. Nogonna happen again, as I'm building her one of those 'menstruation huts' out on the back 40, where she can hook her tentacle up to the Gaia Hypothesis Shrub and save the noble blue-skinned aborigines by commanding the purple dragons to clog the intakes of the invading hover-jets. Or whatever it is chicks do at "that time of the month." Long as I don't get any more distinguishing scars.


Mr. Homegrown said...

Are you guys working on the video game version of this?

Mrs. Homegrown said...

Blessings of the Goddess on young Chloe! I will come around soon to visit her in her hut with a cup of sage tea and a copy of The Joy of Sex.

David Katznelson said...


Came upon your blog while doing some research on the late, great Storm Roberts. I just released a 10 CD 2 book box set of Alan Lomax's trip to Haiti in 1936. I woulc love to send you some of the music. I think you will dig it.


DougH said...


Sounds awesome, but I can't get your profile email to work. e me at dghrvy@gmail.com


Winchester Colt said...

Wow- What an entertaining piece of Cynology!! Is Chloe going to find a boyfriend??? You know, Tula (the silken wind hound) is in dire need of a lady friend. . . Those could be stunningly beautiful pups!... Hey, Neba and I would love to come run around with y'all... Love, EVA+NEBA