Monday, August 18, 2008

Hole on the Horizon

Here's a more legible version of the poster/bookjacket for the Mel's Hole show, with information on the opening and the location of GCAC. Just click on the image to see a larger version.The artists-in-residence Cathy Ward and Eric Wright, have arrived and started accumulating material for their Hole work.

Cathy Ward & Eric Wright "Nevada 1846" 2005 oil on canvas.



So nice to see that you are still on the go, Mr. Dough,

Hectorisimo and The Lovely and Talented Karen A. Justl were waxing poetic over poetry and greasy burgers at the Epmire Diner yesterday about the Student Bolshevik Revolution, the West Coast Palm Tree Years and your Notorius Good Taste.

Keep up the enthusiasm....

DougH said...

Alas, our good taste will not save us after all. I was misinformed. Please spread the word. Who is this Hectorisimo, and where is the Epmire? And when were the West Coast Palm Tree Years?