Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Gallery That Came In from the Cold

That was my working title for this piece on the Jancar Gallery and Marie Thibeault's show, which is down now. This weekend saw the opening of two geometric abstractionists' excellent solo shows - Gina Borg's luminous spiritual-in-abstract-artisms (Green on Pink, 2007 above) and Katy Crowe's rickety geodesics (untitled, 2008 below)
The show's up through April 5th.


Ryan Callis said...
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Ryan Callis said...

As a painter who loves painter's painters, I think that it's really cool that you posted this. Jancar has a tone coming from that gallery that matches the work he shows, call it a vibe even. I find refreshment in that crowd (my painter's paintings get hushed amidst the loud buzz of stoner scenes at my gallery.

DougH said...

Thanks Ryan

Incidentally, Amico secretly listens to Enya.

Y'all check out Ryan's excellent abstract paintings at his blog:


Tammy Callis said...

hahaha, and i've seen him in birkenstocks and socks.