Sunday, February 24, 2008

Prodigal Fudds

Flash Fudd "God's Smug" (1999) [sorry for the lousy Pshop border]

I've been doing these comic strip collages since I was 11 years old, and a couple of years back I lost track of the portfolio case full of (for me) fussily crafted artworks I'd been lugging around for decades It was weird, because if I were to pack one carload of stuff to take with me when the shit hits the fan, they would be in it - but their disappearance barely registered. Makes me wonder what else and how much I could do without. Then on Thursday in the course of fixing the water heater and preparing for a studio visit, I finally recovered my stash - albeit soaked with a couple of years rain and sprouting the black mold - from an old suitcase on the side deck. I love collaborating with decay - as I excavate the moldier examples, maybe I'll scan and post a couple. (A selection of Flash Fudd strips exhibited at LA's Wayward Gallery in Oct 2001.)

Flash Fudd "Love Out" (1998)

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Mr. Homegrown said...

Wow, nice! Homegrown Evolution demands another show.