Monday, January 28, 2008

SPPR: 'Some Paintings' Press Roundup

Friday saw a flurry of journalistic activity concerning 'Some Paintings: The Third (2007) Annual LA Weekly Biennial' with Christopher Knight's lead review in the Los Angeles Times leading the pack. (The print version had a better headline owing to an apparent Larry Cohen reference - "It's Alive! With wit, diversity")

'Interiority' by Brian Cooper

Simultaneously, Emma Gray's L.A. CONFIDENTIAL column for Artnet's online magazine provided an ethusiastic overview of the show and opening.

'Smear Campaign' by Victoria Reynolds

Earlier in the month, Emma also named the 'SP' the #1 show in LA in her column on the Saatchi website

'Wellness' by Brad Spence

I was surprised and impressed at the unconventional choice of pieces singled out by Chris and Emma. For example, they both gave props to Esther Pearl Watson's faux-outsider UFO-scape.

Another early entry came from artblogging LA/sixspace multitasker Caryn Coleman in her debut online column for ArtReview's new online edition.
'Tekel Upharsin (He weighed, now they divide)' by Gustavo Herrera

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