Sunday, September 30, 2007

"They all, without any exception are AGAINST, I say, are AGAINST what I am doing."

I was uploading this anyway, so in case anyone's interested, here's a 8 1/2 minute sound piece I made about 10 years ago for a show at the refusalon. 'Spitting Out Our Medication' includes a soliloquy from a tape recorded by Wilhelm Reich in Orgonon just before he was put in prison, an homage to Spike Jones, samples from a 70's radio program on the anti-psychiatry movement, and so much more.

The original audio tape is still available from the Wilhelm Reich Museum at Orgonon, where you can also purchase reproductions of Reich's paintings (below, 'Swirl' 1951) or rent a cottage, in addition to a wealth of resources detailing Reich's theories and research - much of it unavailable elsewhere.

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sroden said...

he's one of my favorite painters... i hope someday to get over there and see them in person!