Thursday, October 14, 2010

Solo Collage Exhibitionette

Doug Harvey's "Flash Fudd: The Amazing Power of Fudd"
Oct. 15 – Oct. 28
The Grey Wall @ ALIAS BOOKS
3163 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA (in Atwater just east of the I-5) 90039
Phone: 323. 661.9000

OPENING Oct 15, 7 - 9 PM

"Flash Fudd is both the title and vague androgynous protagonist of a series of collage comic strips dating back to 1978 (though rooted in a series of comic collages dating to 1972) and continuing to the present day. A hybrid of Flash Gordon and Elmer Fudd, FF is nevertheless most often depicted as a woman. The collages derive from all manner of graphic narrative sources, from daily... newspaper strips to pictographic directions for opening Japanese noodle packets, as well as virtually any other form of printed image and text. Although non-linear, they are intended as a form of narrative, and motifs recur across many years. New episodes are often constructed atop photocopies of older episodes, incorporating fragments of the earlier collage into the new one. The smaller FF’s have often been printed in small runs and distributed through the mail to random addresses or left in record stores, bus stations, phone booths, etc." 'The Amazing Power of FUDD' is the most recent of the FF collages, part of a series of larger scale (and therefore unreproducible) 'stories'. More examples, dating back to the 70s, are viewable online at

the showing of one work by one artist on

within the confines of
3163 glendale blvd.
los angeles (atwater) 90039
323. 661.9000

the artists
Peter LIASHKOV, Sept. 3 – Sept. 16
Anita BUNN, Sept. 17 – Sept. 30
Francesco SIQUEIROS, Oct. 1 – Oct. 14
Doug HARVEY, Oct. 15 – Oct. 28
Constance MALLINSON, Oct. 29 – Nov. 11
Dr. LAKRA, Nov. 12 – Dec. 2
Pierre PICOT, Dec. 3 – Dec. 16
Derek BOSHIER, Dec. 17 – Dec. 31

Curated by Pierre Picot
"soft opening" on the first Friday of each show (7 to 9pm)

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