Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Beyond the Numbered Band a Silence Develops for Every Style

I once made myself a tee shirt with that catchy slogan - it's from Leonard Cohen's poem Style from his 1964 book Flowers for Hitler, and I've cued it up for you here, and pasted the whole poem ATJ:

Sunday, July 5, 2020

CCCP-SCC Report: Sextette

The CCCP-SCC Symposium Group spent the 4th of July reviewing Mae West's 1978 movie "Sextette" which delivered a sort of Ed Wood-pushes- Russ Meyer-down-the-stairs bedroom farce with an unintelligibility factor of 8.5!

The "plot" however, does have a curious timeliness as regards the antics of Jeffrey Epstein's recently incarcerated moll Ghislaine Maxwell - the film concludes SPOILER ALERT! with West's using the cassette-full of sex dirt she has on all the cranky global politicians to leverage world peace! A motion was entered to acknowledge that this may be or may have been Maxwell's secret agenda, but the vote was inconclusive.

"Sextette" was West's last movie, as well as Walter Pidgeon's and Keith Moon's, and features this jaw-dropping duet between the 84-year old West and future 007 Timothy Dalton:


Saturday, July 4, 2020

"When I see you floatin' down the gutter I'll give you uh bottle uh wine."

Deflated Patriot, Shadow Hills CA, July 2020 "I’ve fallen," commented Dan Chapman on Facebook, "And I can’t get up!" All healing vibrations to the United States of America!