Monday, April 1, 2013

Art Art of the City, Art Art Oh yeah!

I'm lookin' lookin' lookin'! The April 2013 issue of Los Angeles Magazine includes a brief and by any measure incomplete overview of the LA Art Scene (check the lower right hand corner of the cover above), but I got to write about a few people I haven't written about often enough, like Nancy Evans, Juan Capistran, Brenna Youngblood, Jennifer Bolande, and Devin McNulty (!), plus a few - Jim Shaw, Jeffrey Vallance, Marnie Weber, etc. - about whom I've written plenty (and will continue to do so). Anyway, it's on the stands now at the low, low cover price of $4.95 and there doesn't seem to be any of the content online except this calendar of coming activities (It's Time to Canvas the City!) which I apparently blogged a few days ago! There's a few other recent writings I need to post about here, hang on...

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