Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dial-a-Brat Phase II

We've just added a bunch of new material to The Patter of Tiny Brains phone-in kids' audio-art exhibit, including additional tracks from kio griffith, Lucas & Friends, THUUNDERBOY!, Emily Mast, The Kids Of Widney High, The Fitzbergs, Zoe Scott, Marlo Irani, Billy and Mia Kheel, and Mannlicher Carcano (with Ring Noodle). New artists include Alisa Yang, Maya Lujan, Gus Eddy with Unconventional Science & Bizzart, Ayden Wardell, and the legendary Brain Sucking Peanunanners!!! If you haven't called in, do it now! Tip: Use google call phone and play the whole program over your computer speakers.

323 Projects Presents

The Patter of Tiny Brains

curated by Doug Harvey

• Exhibition runs from April 6 – May 27, 2011.

• Opening April 6 from 6-9PM. Come to the opening without going anywhere simply by calling (323) 843-4652.

• 323 Projects is an exhibition venue that exists as a phone number: (323) 843-4652 visitors call to experience contemporary art 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


323 Projects is pleased to present The Patter of Tiny Brains, an exhibition curated by Doug Harvey. For this group show sourced from dozens of contributors, Harvey presents a rotating selection of audio generated by children, up to and including adolescents.

Visitors who call into 323 Projects’ phone number will hear audio ranging from baby noises to musical performances, and a variety of surprising sound recordings performed by kids. In presenting the work of children, Harvey encourages listeners to bring serious, respectful aesthetic attention to works of performance otherwise disregarded as immature and amateur. This exhibition challenges value systems that deem children's creative output trivial or inconsequential, and instead critically and enthusiastically seeks to reframe the discourse surrounding notions of youth, professionalism, and creative expression.

323 Projects invites you to hear The Patter of Tiny Brains by calling
(323) 843-4652 or (323) TIE-IN-LA

The show is open all day and all night, every day of the week.

Visitors are encouraged to call back often to hear audio tracks, as works will rotate throughout the course of the exhibition.

Image: Invitation graphic and design by Tucker Neel, Founder and Director of 323 Projects. (inverted by DH)

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