Monday, September 27, 2010

This Heat

For those outside of the metropolitan Los Angeles area, we've been having a wicked heat wave - supposed to go at least to 105 today, maybe hotter. On top of that I've had a bad flu with fever the last 3 days, so I've been having crazy dreams (most recently in the form of layered postmodernist - but pulp vintage - comic books by and about a female mad scientist... the details are drifting away....) I used to write all this stuff down, but it gets to be a full time job in itself, and I already have three of those...

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Mr. Homegrown said...

Doug--sorry to hear about your flu, on top of this friggin' heat! Kelly has melted. I spent part of the day at noon crawling around the attic crawl space of Cameron's apartment building looking for a beehive--at 1 pm.

Nice refinery picture. Is that the pumpkin tank?