Sunday, September 12, 2010

RIP Dorr's Braveheart, NW1, 1998-2010

One of my best canine friends crossed the motherfuckin rainbow bridge last week, and everyone is very sad. Except Dieter (known to some as Spike), who is undoubtedly licking Reyna's butt in Puppy Heaven. Here's a selection of photos (and one typographical portrait) from the archives. I'll see if I can dig up more (including his senior nosework triumphs of the last couple of years) in the next week or so.

Read Kelly's eulogy over at Homegrown Evolution.

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Mrs. Homegrown said...

Thanks a lot, Doug. We'd finally stopped crying after a week and now we're a mess again.

What beautiful pictures! So many are new to us. The SF one is special to me, because I was remembering how he seemed to enjoy the view of the ocean from the cliffs of Sutro Park, and how that seemed sort of odd, considering there were things to sniff &etc. all around. And it turns out you have a pic of it!

Here's hoping he really is sniffing Reyna's butt -

K & E