Wednesday, October 25, 2017


All the hype for the second season of the mildly annoying, mildly entertaining Stranger Things reminds me that I never linked to this analysis that I made of the first season...

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I don’t think I can tackle the fine kettle of perverse nostalgiafish that is "Stranger Things". I binge-watched it when it came out, now almost three months ago, and it triggered my wanting to finally get this blog rolling, but it just doesn’t seem worth it -- the fact that several generations of Americans (and beyond) have developed into adults believing in and aping the behavior of a reactionary, fictional 1970s revival of 1950s atomic family values (itself largely a normative construct imposed by TV, Duh!) -- to such a degree that kids today are effectively living in a simulacrum of Stevens Spielberg and King’s bedwetting nightmares and subsequent attempts to shift blame (AKA Art) -- can’t be laid at the feet of one otherwise entertaining genre exercise. Especially one with Wynona....

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