Friday, December 2, 2016

Eat This Too!

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Scotty Vera - Solar Dom Says Bring It On! (2016) mixed media sculpture

Doug Harvey's LESS ART Gallery is proud to present the second solo show of reclusive genius Scotty Vera, whose virtuopsic formalist paintings and sculptures always contain references to Dom DeLuise and a lobster.

Vera's first solo exhibition was in 2008 at Track 16 Gallery ( when he publicly stated "I'll do this again when Donald Trump is elected president!"

EAT THIS TOO is presented as part of ART BASIL LA, an annual art fair held in Mr. Let's Paint TV's back yard in Van Nuys, CA.

"Vera’s T16 show Eat This (named after DeLuise’s bestselling cookbook) comprised less than a quarter of his extant work at that time — a substantial oeuvre for an artist less than a quarter-century old with no postsecondary degrees under his belt, let alone one who is periodically afflicted with debilitating agoraphobia. Scotty was the only child of a single-parent family. His mother was a Las Vegas blackjack dealer at the Golden Nugget, and Scotty would be holed up alone in the Living Desert Apartments — where Jeffrey Vallance and other Vegas artists also lived — sometimes for days at a time. Vallance, the Rev. Ethan Acres, and others recognized and nurtured Scotty’s talent, eventually helping him find placement at Claremont and UCLA, though his occasional inability to leave his bedroom sabotaged any possibility of matriculation.""

Scotty’s theoretical underpinnings have always been elusive, as are many of the details of his life. He claims to be the surviving half of a pair of conjoined twins, and does have a scar in a plausible place, though his mother would just sigh and roll her eyes when queried on the matter. On the other hand, that was her response to almost everything. At one point he claimed DeLuise as his father but has since recanted. His chance to publicly articulate his odd but compelling iconography came in the form of a panel discussion for Vallance’s extravaganza last March, but Vera was a no-show, and has apparently been holed up — intermittently communicating via e-mail — ever since."

-- from "Scotty Vera: Submerging Artist" THE Magazine, 2009

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Lobster Dom VS the Alt Right, 2016

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